Faith + Family

“…a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife…” Genesis 2:24

We believe that one man/one woman marriage for life is God’s design for healthy and fruitful families and such families are the foundation for a healthy and stable society.

Areas of focus: Marriage, Abortion, Family Discipleship, Church and Marriage, Homosexuality, Child Rearing, Dating/Relationships, Adultery, Parental Rights, Pornography, Population

No Independence Day for the Unborn

This weekend I plan to attend a patriotic concert with fireworks, food and friends. It has become an annual tradition for my wife and me that we would not miss for anything. We will sing along to the national anthem and probably tear up as they honor military ... Read More »

The Sanctity of Life

This Land Center Lecture features Richard Land speaking on The Sanctity of Life. Read More »