The Theology of Vocation in the Early Church: Reflections on Tertullian, Hippolytus, and Cyprian

Dr. Stephen Presley, Director of the Southwestern Center for Early Christian Studies, lectures on “Vocation in the Early Church: Reflections on Tertullian, Hippolytus, and Cyprian.” Read More »

Avoid vocations that conflict with Christianity, says Land Center luncheon speaker

By Julie Owens Originally appeared at The way that people spend their time, as well as the work they choose to do, can be a way of giving praise to God... Read More »

Religious Liberty and the Gospel

Religious liberty has become a major topic of discussion in recent months. There were worries about presidential candidates or potential Supreme Court justices who may scale back the freedoms that have been enjoyed by Americans for more than two centuries. How... Read More »

Debt and the Seminarian

Every spring semester I have the opportunity to speak to our Spiritual Formation students (mostly first-year master’s students) about stewardship. In that discussion, I explain to them that stewardship is about managing resources that belong to someone else.... Read More »

Grindstone explores relationship between faith and science

During a Grindstone panel discussion on the relationship between faith and science, John West argued that all scientific progress is made within a de facto design paradigm. That is, even Darwinists, insofar as they are making progress in understanding things, ... Read More »